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Projects and constructions

    This site provides access to a series of articles that describe personal constructions. Most concern projects for Radio Direction Finding: beacons, receiver, Doppler, etc.. These articles are in PDF format.

    All documents and all photos are the property of the author F1LVT (unless otherwise stated). They can be used only if the source is correctly cited.

   PCB drawings are often made with TCI software. The drawings are in PDF format. By printing them at scale 1, the mylar can be directly obtained.

> Beacons (especially 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz distress beacons)

    * All bands

    * VHF

    * UHF

> Message generator and identification decoder of 406 beacon

    * Message Generator

    * Identification Decoder

> Radio Direction Finding 

    * Direction measurement

    * Doppler

    * Homing and TDOA

> Transmissions

    * Projects

    * Cross Band Repeater

> Miscellaneous

Some technical presentations

Some websites to visit

> Annexes: DIY constructions, Tools

   The French version of the website is regularly updated. Please check the French version for finding the more recent articles.

   Most of the PDF articles are written in French. For additionnal information on the projects, you can contact F1LVT in English at the address <>.

Articles in English:

-- Decoding the 406 MHz beacons (Eng)

-- Display on 4 lines of the information (Eng) 

-- Construction of the 4 lines decoder (Eng) 

-- DECTRA decoder: English version (Part 1) 

-- DECTRA decoder: English version(Part 2)

Contact :

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