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> Identification decoder of 406 beacon 

    * Construction of the identification decoder 406 "4 Lines"

- Programmed PIC alone: cost 15€ including postage

- To build the decoder "4 lines display”, 3 elements are necessary: "a programmed PIC + 4x20 Display + undrilled PCB" cost 27€ + shipping [Available = 3]

> Direction Finding

    * Construction of Doppler 3V2 Montreal (VE2EMM)

To build the Montreal Doppler 3V2 must recover:

- Files ".hex" to enter in the PIC (Sce VE2EMM)

- PCB files (Sce VE2EMM)

If necessary, I can program the PIC (cost: only shipping), but neither PIC nor the PCB are provided.

> Miscellaneous

- Frame decoder of 406 beacon "4 lines display", assembled and tested,

- PCB of the "half-cube" beacon, etc ...

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> Beacons (especially 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz distress beacons)

> Message generator and identification decoder of 406 beacon

> Radio Direction Finding 

> Transmissions

> Miscellaneous 

> Annexes: DIY constructions, Tools

> Construction and components

   All necessary construction elements (drawing PCB , components list , program microcontrollers ) can be downloaded from this website [except for the program of the frame generator per requirement to enter an identifier in the frame] .

   Following the request, some hard to find components can be provided to members of the associations ADRASEC to facilitate the construction in the limit of small stocks available.

> Message  Generator

    * Construction of frame generator

For a programmed PIC 16F88, you must specify the number of the department. The PIC will be programmed with an identifier like "AD9601" for # 1 of ADRASEC 96.

Cost: 5€ including shipping (postal address in the French nomenclature).

> Beacon

   * Construction of "La Plume"

To build the beacon "La Plume", 2 elements are necessary:

- A PIC 16F88 programmed “frame generator” (5€),

- A set of "2 PCB undrilled + 8 PIN Diodes", cost 12€ + postage shipping [Available = 2]


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